Established in 2004 by Natalie Rowland,
Redrollers Research works with the private, government and not-for-profit sectors.


Natalie loves experimenting with new ways to make the research process more engaging for participants and more illuminating for clients. Working with graphic designers, digital technologies and her finely tuned instincts, she creates materials and practices that people want to play with and use to tell their stories, which helps to reveal their unique perspective.


Natalie Rowland

Founder and Principal, Redrollers
Natalie has over 16 years experience as a qualitative researcher working for social and market research companies as well as with design agencies in Australia, London and Amsterdam. She has a Bachelor of Commerce in Marketing and HRM (UNSW) and received a Masters in Social Inquiry (UTS) in 2007.

When not auditing someone's bathroom cabinets, discussing sexting with teens, inviting herself to dinner to talk relationships and parenthood or talking to a viticulturist via Skype, Natalie is reading Douglas Coupland, Brene Brown or Lunch Lady magazine,  while listening to Mr Scruff, Radio Nowhere or Longest Shortest Time.

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The Collaborators


Grant Young
Director, Innovation Strategy at Zumio

Grant has a background that crosses strategic/service design, social network engagement and web application development. With a practical understanding of the shifting economic and cultural currents of the networked and socially-aware economy, he brings a unique perspective on how businesses, services and products can thrive within it.

Grant has worked in online design and communications for 18 years. Grant has a strong entrepreneurial spirit and experience building teams and initiatives from the ground up. He specialises in the application of participatory design approaches to the development of persuasive technology.

Grant has attained a Master of Sustainable Practice through RMIT, where he worked on projects related to shared value in the SME sector and the intersection of social technologies and behaviour change.

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Marieke Peters
Social Researcher

Marieke has over 14 years experience in research and has a Bachelor of Commerce and Communication, The Netherlands. She has worked for various research agencies managing quantitative and qualitative projects for clients including NRMA, PricewaterhouseCoopers, Department of Health and Ageing, Sydney Opera House, Sydney Festival and the RTA. 

Marieke is experienced in a range of research techniques such as focus groups, in depth interviews, ethnography, observation, mystery and accompanied shopping and Omnibus surveys.


Amelia Navascues
Cultural Researcher

Amelia is a talented young researcher, radio producer, and all-rounder creative based in Sydney. 

An advocate for change, she has worked with community and not for profit organisations as a researcher,  including the World Wildlife Fund and the NSW Council for Social Services.

Recently becoming the Australian national youth radio broadcaster, Triple J's newest Movie and TV Reviewer, she is also passionate about the future of the arts, and the diverse creative and cultural offerings Australia provides.

In addition to assisting with research at Redrollers Research, and her radio work at Triple J, she also continues to contribute regularly to the Sydney-based Community Radio station, 2SER 107.3.

She can be heard weekly, reporting for The Wire, an Independent Current Affairs Program.


Since meeting in Amsterdam, Natalie's favourite visual designers, Sali Tabacchi are her preferred creative collaborators. From Toronto Sali Tabacchi created and evolved redrollers branding and digital assets. The Sali Tabacchi studio create awesome research probe materials to deploy, as well as templates and visual icons to use in workshops. Thanks also to Sali Tabacchi for providing several of their own photos for use throughout the redrollers site! 

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